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This thursday im playing at Commes des Garçons shop. Some drinks, new collection, sale and all that fashion night out jazz. Start 8pm.

Also, catch me on saturday at S-11’s Superslet w/ DJ TLR, Kornell Kovacs, Ptaki, Kito Jempere, Lipelis, Taras 3000 and many others. All info here.

This friday — Dom Beat, been awhile since last time. All night with my man Youkovskiy. Lots of new music! And same old shit. So should be fun night, cheers.

Shout out to the designer for that poster!

Channy Leaneagh of Poliça

Back on the road! This weekend — Moscow and Minsk. Firstly, friday evening marked with Reebok Pump 25th Anniversary. Then Moscow new secret weapon — LOL club from Denis Simachev (official opening in September, stay tuned to this one, gonna be biiig!). 

And finally im back to Minsk on Saturday. And damn, its been awhile. Glad to be back!

25.07 — Moscow, Reebok Pump 25th Anniversary, DI Telegraph
25.07 — Moscow, LOL w/ Pirumov
26.07 — Belarus, Minsk, Bar BQ Terrace

Talib Kweli all other Moscow.

Im back to Samara city this week! Which is pure awesome! Летний Бар on saturday night. The summer residency of Bar Sasha people. Should be total fun, as the night in Bar Sasha in last february was pretty epic. So im looking forward.

Also, you can catch me on friday at usual and wonderfull Dom Beat with my pal Pronin.

11.07 — Saint Pete, Dom Beat, w/ Pronin
12.07 — Samara, Letniy Bar

Heading to the windy beach on a chilly day? Here’s some music to soundtrack your day.

A mix I did for Moscow’s own Follow Me radio. You can listen on their page. Or with this sweet as cherry pie soundcloud player right here:

This friday im playing with my old friend Asya Gorbacheva aka Sandra at Dom Beat. Couple years ago she moved to NYC, so its always good fun to see her. And right before gig in Dom Beat me and Kito Jempere are playing at Garage Magazine party in sweet B152 Tearoom. So friday is pretty much awesome!

And don’t miss Asya’s band, Vladimir Vernadsky, at Taiga on Saturday. Admission is free and its around 7pm. Go check out some wavey stuff.

And yes, extra points for second, much realistic poster.

Hans-Peter Lindstrøm hiding something all over Saint Petersburg!

And some sweet ass party after daytime with Lindstrøm. All nighter with my Moscow pal Taras 3000. (Btw, did you check his EP with Lipelis at Low Budget Family imprint? Go do it now!)

Thursday — my old pal Lindstrøm is in town! We jam at the Special Case rooftop party. Summer vibes, y’ know! And don’t forget to bring your hover boards.

Daniel Wang all over Saint Petersburg!

Saturday — Dom Beat, Saint Petersburg. 3am to 7am, going to be mental, as usual.

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